Few Words

About SamTech

CEO & Founder

Sam Fourie

When I just started High School at Rand Park High, I had a dream of of opening a Software Development Company. The people who were in my class would constantly hear me speaking about it and how great I will make it. I am pretty sure I actually annoyed them with how much I spoke about it but I was just so passionate about it.

I remember building my very first website so clearly.
I loaded it up on my phone, went to school, and in my Afrikaans class, I showed it to my whole class. I was so proud and happy with it but my class just laughed at me and told me how badly designed it was.

Fast forward till after school and here I am, designing professional websites for businesses all over the world.

SamTech Advanced will still grow and eventually be the Software Development Company I visualize it to be!

Sam Fourie, CEO & Founder of SamTech Advanced